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Skyluck walked her last journey and RIP at Tseung Kwan O.

On May 14th, 1980, the 2,600 refugee passengers Skyluck vessel finally walked her last journey pulled from Lamma Island to Tseung Kwan O and selected her last resting place.

At about 3 pm PST, Skyluck arrived Tseung Kwan O and began her dismemberment process by a vessel wrecking company. Parts belong to the vessel such as air-lift crane, cabins, and life preserve boats all slowly being detached from her and lay to enjoy the warm sunshine quietly. According to the wrecking company press, they would complete the task in about 3 months.

The Hong Kong government had been announced in newspaper about selling of the Skyluck remaining. The wrecking company ended up purchasing her remaining for about 500 thousand HK dollars. On February 1979, Skyluck arrived Hong Kong water with her 2,600 illegal Vietnamese refugees on board. At the beginning, Skyluck was forbidden to land. Until late June of 1979, her reckless passengers cut the anchor and jumped over board and rushed to shore on Lamma Island in which stirred the attention of many Hong Kong residences.

After that incident and more resistances from Hong Kong government, Skyluck refugees were allowed to land and rounded up in Chi-Man-Wan restricted prisoner camp. About 10 of the passengers were prosecuted by Hong Kong authority.


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