You may be a Skylucker if ...

You constantly wake up at night and yell "Let us land! Let us land..."

You stare at the sea for hours when taking family to the beach.

You often yell "food cargo has arrived!" around 3 PM.

You only tune to BBC radio station for the news. 

You roll & put lots of TP in your pocket when using public restroom.

You list out what you eat and the quantity in the diary.

You insist to count the number of beans in a can when sharing food.

You get in line every time you see one, regardless of what it is.

You constantly scratch your head, thinking that you have lice on it.

You only buy and use the fine-tooth comb for combing lice, daily.

You can do bowel movement in less than 1 minute while hundreds were in line watching.

You know exactly what sleeping like a "sardine can" means.

You brag about buying a bag of 10 US dollars instant noodle.

You brag even more about buying a bag of 35 US dollars instant rice.

You brag even, even more about cooking and sharing a bag of instant noodle/rice with 17 people.

You use paper to cook your meal at home.

You paid for hair cut with 2 cans of bean.

You understand what this page's humor is all about.