Skyluck Facts

Vessel ID: 1179930         


ON: 179930




WAIMATE (1972)


SKYLUCK (1977)

KYLU (1979)

SKYLUCK (1979)

Type: Motor vessel


Built: 1951


Tonnage: 3,506 gross


Owner: Union Steam Ship Company Limited


Remarks: This former NZ vessel became the center of a struggle by large numbers of Vietnamese refugees to gain entry to Hong Kong on February 8th, 1979. Over 2,600 refugees were aboard when her anchor cables were cut and she was wrecked in Hong Kong Harbor Lamma Island on June 29th, 1979. In September 1979, the authorities made the decision to scrap her where she lay hard aground and badly damaged at Lamma Island.


Reported activities include incidents involving boat people, selling and renaming of vessel, sinking and vessel sent to demolition on 5/14/1980. Remaining scraps were purchased by vessel-demolition company for about 500 thousands HK dollars.

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